Top 5 most famous street food in Brazil


Referring to Brazil is referring to a country with the 5th largest area in the world and 6th in terms of population density. Brazil is the country with the most tribes living here. Brazil is not but diverse in sound culture but also very diverse in ethnicity and has the most cultural features in the world by the interference of many tribes.

Brazil is one of the most economically developed countries in the world and this multi-ethnic country is also the founding member of the United Nations, G20, CPLP, Latin Union, and Ibero-American State Organization. , Mercosul and the Union of South American Nations and one of the four BRIC countries. Brazil is also considered home to a rich natural and wildlife environment and plenty of natural resources in protected areas.

If you have the opportunity to come to Brazil, do not be too surprised with the food here. Due to the climatic conditions and there are many tribes living here, their twhuc moist background is extremely diverse and rich, you can encounter Brazilian specialties on the street. Here are the most delicious specialties of Brazil, please follow and if you have a chance to try it, the Brazilian sound will not disappoint you!

If you are a loyal fan of fried food, this is an indispensable dish when visiting this beautiful country of Brazil. Coxinhas is a kind of crispy fried chicken cake with soft chicken fillet combined with cheese. The cheese is melted inside the chicken pies, the chicken is marinated and spiced then wrapped and wrapped with a crispy crust outside. The best cakes are served hot and are often served with tomato sauce or chutney. A favorite street food you pay in Brazil, you can find this cake anywhere on the streets of Brazil because it is very popular here.
2. Churrasco barbecue

Stick or skewer is a very popular dish in any country. But the special thing that only Brazil can taste this Churrasco barbecue. Initially they will skewers pork, chicken, sheep, goats, cows, sausages, shrimp, … on skewers and then grill on the kitchen Churrasco Queira. Although it is just a barbecue, its preparation is not simple, from choosing meat to marinated spices is very complicated. These spices are typical ingredients of South America, hardly anywhere in the world are available.
Therefore, Churasco became a specialty of the countries here and is a favorite food both in Europe and Asia. You can eat with grilled meat like mushrooms, pasta salad, rice with black bean soup and feijoada sauce among other salads. A dish suitable for outdoor gatherings, if you have been to Brazil without ever trying this dish, it is a pity, it is the dish voted by foreign diners as the best food in Brazil.
3. Feijoada

A popular dish of Brazilian people, this dish originated from Portugal and a few neighboring territories processed according to each region, so it will have different flavors. This dish is made from black beans, bacon and some pig parts such as tongue, ears or tail served with other vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage … Brasilians use it quite a lot at noon.
4. Kibe beef pie

This dish is also very popular with many foreign customers. The main ingredients for making this cake include spicy beef, pureed, impregnated with the necessary spices and then wrapped in a layer of flour and fried golden. After frying, the cake will have a crispy and spicy taste. Kibe beef pie is very similar to Coxinhas but its taste is completely different. Kibe Beef Pancake has a spicy and aromatic flavor due to the combination of typical Brazilian spices.
5. Bolinhos de bacalhau

The dish is made from fish meat, after separating the fish bones, then pureed and seasoned with typical spices and mixed with mashed potatoes and chicken egg yolk, then rolled through dough and deep fried bread Oil until golden, then remove. The dish has the aromatic flavor of soft, innocent fish of potatoes combined with chicken egg red slang. Eating this dish with cold beer is very addictive. With a Bolinhos de bacalhau, combined with a cold beer to eat and watch football in Brazil, this is nothing more wonderful.

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