The specialty proves the country of maple leaves attracts tourists


Coming to Canada, you can not only see the beautiful scenery here but also enjoy the best food in Canada. It is not only the world’s leading bean soup to the modern desserts.

1. Poutine

This is a dish inspired by the French but still imbued with the identity of Canadian cuisine. Poutine dish made from potatoes sprinkled with fragrant beef sauce and soft cheeses. This is also an “addictive” food that has been enjoyed by many diners since the 1950s, which came from the small town in Quebec.

When visitors come here, you will easily enjoy this Poutine in famous restaurants or fast food chains like McDonald’s. To enjoy a more interesting version of Poutine, this new version is the addition of protein or vegetables to balance the taste.

2. Caesar

This very special drink was first prepared in 1969 by Walter Chell, the restaurant manager in Calgary, southern Alberta, Alberta, Caesar cocktail has now become a popular beverage all over the world Canada.

The drink is made from Clamato, vodka and Worchester tomatoes and poured into a cup of salt sprinkled on the top of the cup.

Despite being a cocktail, the Score-Davie restaurant and bar in Vancouver has made this drink more exclusive. The more innovative drinks topped with wooden skewers filled with pork, chicken wings, cheese burgers, baked vegetables and brownies. This is the unbelievable thing that visitors must experience to have an unforgettable memory.

3. Canadian bacon

This is an absolutely perfect eating. The dish is called by locals for the name “peameal bacon”. This dish uses the filet parts of the pig’s back instead of the traditional bacon.

Guests can enjoy food at Carousel Bakery in St. Market. Lawrence, Toronto is famous for its bread with peameal bacon. When visiting the most populous city in Canada, you cannot ignore this address.

4. Pizza Canada

Pizza changed by Canadian cuisine into a perfect dish. A pizza that combines a common American flavor, Canada’s topping is far more creative than the traditional Italian style.

Therefore, Canadian pizza is not only popular in Canada but also famous in Berlin restaurants. The cake has a thin crust and many different flavors for customers to choose. The pizza included Cronenberg Crash (cilantro pesto sauce, tandoori tandoori, peanuts, red pepper and mango) and Wayne Gretzky. Room syrup is the last layer on top to add flavor to dishes and attract customers with pizza. If you want to eat more and can ask for more completely free.

5. Bean soup

This is a dish that chef Marc Miron in Ottawa conducted research on the food that fed the French explorer Samuel de Champlain and other residents when settling in the new land 400 years ago. Since then, the traditional bean soup of Canadian cuisine.

The dish is made from salted meat and dried beans (the type of bean here is split yellow peas), along with the vegetables grown from the new land to cook into a delicious, greasy bean soup with flavor. Aromatic fragrance is handed down to centuries later.

To enjoy this great dish, you have to go to Cuisine & Passion restaurant in Ottawa.

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