The most popular hotels in Budapest, Hungary


Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux- for coffee lovers

Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux is a hotel located in the corner of the city center square, it is very quiet so it is suitable for travelers who want to find a quiet place to relax. Especially, when coming here, visitors also enjoy special coffee flavor and extremely delicious and extremely famous barbecue dishes. The decoration of the hotel is quite simple but no less solemn. The rooms are decorated like a private room, so you will feel comfortable like in your room. And the great thing is, you can sip a cup of coffee with some bread in the shop every morning.

Danubius Astoria- Experience old things

If you are a fan of ancient beauty, you cannot miss Danubius Astoria. When you go to this hotel, you will see crimson silk, thick curtains, all harmonious to create the old features. The branch point of this classic coffee shop is the jars or the “mirror walls”. This old look makes those who are curious and want to come in to enjoy a cup of coffee and recall the old memories.

Mirage Medic Hotel – holiday for health

Mirage Medic Hotel is a magnificent villa with a predominantly white color and overlooks Heroes Square. The hotel has made a great impression with the first time visitors here. The hotel is not only located in a beautiful, luxurious and modern location but still very classic. In addition, the hotel is a center of traditional Chinese medicine specializing in acupuncture, massage and the best herbal remedies.

Magazine Hotel- Trendy destination

Magazine Hotel is located right next to St Stephen’s church. The hotel has a relatively small area of only 12 rooms and four apartments for rent located near locations of the city such as restaurants, high-class bars, fashion shops …

When entering the hotel, visitors will be surprised by the hotel is very modern design and each room has different styles. Each room here is a different backdrop for the faithful photography.

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