The most famous specialty sticky rice in Thailand


Thailand is currently the most attractive destination in Southeast Asia, with beautiful tourist destinations, magnificent ancient architecture in addition to that Thailand is also known as a country with a very rich sound background. variety and richness. This is probably also the attraction to tourists to Thailand so much. The food made from sticky rice of Thailand is really very delicious and especially loved by the customers, the dish made from sticky rice has a delicious taste that makes it hard for people to forget the taste of it.

Xoi is a dish made from glutinous rice, an indispensable dish on the menu of Thai people. Thai sticky rice is sticky, fragrant, and is very fleshy. Along with many types of processing below are the most delicious sticky rice dishes that many foreign customers love. If you have the opportunity to come to the country of this Golden Temple country, or try these sticky rice dishes, it will not disappoint you.
1. Mango Sticky

A traditional Thai dessert made from glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk. How to prepare this dish is very simple, you only need to prepare sticky rice, fresh and canned coconut milk, salt, palm sugar and mango. First wash rice and soak in water then cooked by steaming. Meanwhile, mix coconut milk with salt and sugar, then heat. After the sticky rice is cooked, we mix the coconut milk and rice mixture together. Mangoes are peeled and sliced, scooped up on a plate, took a few slices of mango placed on top and sprinkle the remaining coconut milk on top. This dish is very delicious and easy to make, each area will have a unique way of processing sticky rice and its flavor is also very specific. So if you have the opportunity to come to Thailand, you should try this greasy dish! It will not bother you.
2. Durian sticky rice

Durian is probably a rather difficult dish to eat because its smell makes many people uncomfortable. But durian is an extremely healthy dish and its taste is also great. Thailand is a country that also loves durian fruit so people here have processed and produced durian sticky rice which is very popular among Thai people. Thai durian gold nursery, sawn off, cleverly take the grain so that the durian rice is not crushed. Then paddle away in the middle like bread. When you eat, pour greasy coconut milk and roasted mung beans cooked on top as a taste. Durian fat, aromatic, combined with sticky rice, coconut milk slightly sweet, add chewing green beans chewing fun mouth. The food really stimulates your taste buds.
3. Sticky jackfruit

Jackfruit is not only a fruit dessert, but also can be eaten with sticky rice is also very good home. First we separate the jackfruit citrus seeds and then sticky rice is placed on top. People will sprinkle more pure coconut milk and add black sesame or sesame, peanuts … there are many types for you to choose. This dish is very popular with foreign customers, because the flavor and crispness of jackfruit plus sticky coconut leaves are very soft and pleasing, making anyone who has ever tried this dish and want to enjoy it again. If you have come to the land of yellow porridge without ever trying this dish, it is really a pity for you.

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