The famous destinations of the country Tanzania


You already know the country known as the ‘African roof top’. It is the country of Tanzania located in East Africa, Tanzania adjacent to countries such as Uganda, Cong, Zambia, Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi and the Indian Ocean. Tanzania has a relatively large area, about 950,000 km2 with a population of over 50 million people.

Tanzania is known as a country with a unique topography and prairies, open forests and extremely rich wildlife. The country, dubbed the “ roof of Africa ”, is the most developed country in the world in the tourism industry to conserve wildlife and the topographical nature of the climate. about the need to visit the wildlife and wildlife of foreign tourists coming here.
Here are the most famous places in Tanzania. If you have the opportunity to come to this country, please visit the animals here, certainly will not disappoint you.
1. Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania. It covers an area of ​​about 22,000 km². This national park is located in the central part of Tanzania about 130 km from Iringa. Ruaha National Park is part of a vast ecosystem including the Rungwa no-hunting sanctuary, Usangu no-hunting reserve. But the attraction of the Ruaha region is not only a wild element. This is also the place where creatures in West Africa and South Africa meet, a rich habitat for about 10,000 elephants, 530 species of birds, jackals, antelopes and rhinos. This is a suitable tourist destination for those who love the wilderness, coming to the national park, there is a special service for visitors who do not want to take the tour, they can drive by themselves. visit the animals and if you want to enjoy this wildlife, the national gibbon also has a tent service directly at the garden. If you want to make your life more interesting, hurry and order yourself a ticket for this country!
2. Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro with its 3 cone volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawensi and Shira, is an inactive stratosphere in northeast Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest alpine mountain with a height of 4,600 m (15,100 ft) from the foot of the mountain, and is Africa’s highest peak of 5,895 m (19,340 ft) and the fourth highest of the 7 peaks highest in every continent of the world. Tanzania’s special feature is that although located near the equator with a typical tropical climate, Mount Kilimanjaro is covered with white snow, creating a great distinction between the green-steppe steppe. This can be considered an ideal place for you and your fellow travelers who love adventure and climbing.
3. Zanzibar

With hot summer days, the choice of Zanzibar Island as a resting place for your trip is nothing more wonderful. The island was once called the ‘spice island’ because it used to be the largest commercial exchange in the country. With the architecture of the church, the palace, along with the white sand beach, the water creates a beautiful scenery that touches the heart. Here you can also relax in the old houses that have existed for a long time and enjoy the strange specialties here. Coming to Zanzibar Island, you will surely have great memories when staying here.
4. Lake Manyara

There is a certain special place you must visit when you come to Tanzania: Lake Manyara. Manyara Lake, located in northern Tanzania, is a shallow lake and has a relatively large pH. Coming to this place, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic scenery of the natural landscape, witnessing a vivid picture of colorful animals created here. Here you will witness over 300 colorful birds coming here foraging and other herbivores.

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