The dishes you must try when coming to Northern China


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In northern China, where rainfall is lowest in China, people mainly use wheat as their main starch to replenish their bodies. Compared to ordinary wet rice in Vietnam, wheat requires less water and it is also well suited to growing in Northern China. Because of this specialty, people here mainly use flour to prepare food, the most popular spices used here are soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, scallions, ginger, leeks, star anise . , sweet bean sauce, chili and sesame oil. Chefs in the North always know how to combine to create dishes with a Western flavor, but also do not lose the taste of Northern cuisine.
1. Shrimp fried with cashews

Stir-fried shrimp with cashews is also on the list of “famous” Chinese dishes. Shrimp and cashews are the two most popular foods, the sweetness of the shrimp along with the typical aroma of cashew nuts when combined together will give everyone a great dish. This dish is considered good for health, preventing cardiovascular disease.
2. Dumplings

Not only is Chinese breakfast, the North Chinese are considered the first place to make this dumpling, made from delicious glutinous rice and pureed with a little fresh ginger to create flavors. especially. Inside is usually meat mixed with wood ears and glass noodles … When the package will fold in half in a semicircle. Highly effervescent is steamed for hours and when eaten, you can dip it with soy sauce to add flavor. If you have a chance to come to Northern China, then go to a dumpling restaurant there and enjoy it right away. Because the effervescence of North Vietnam has a unique flavor that no other Chinese region can season, very specific and different.
3. Zhajiangmian soybean noodles

This noodle dish is derived from Shandong, large noodles are mixed with chao soy sauce through oil mixed with soy sauce. The sauce is usually stir-fried with minced or diced meat, minced pork and peacock with golden sauce. Serve with fish like chopped cucumbers, chopped radish, green beans, bean sprouts, spinach and shredded eggs. The taste of food really makes us eat it once we remember it for life. The salty taste of the sauce, served with salted fresh vegetables, typical flavor of Shandong region. If you have a chance to come to Shandong, stop by the store and try this dish! It will not let you down.
4. Youtiao shaobing

This is a fast food like sandwich. This dish is also made with wheat flour, but Taipei people will sandwich with a quake and bake it to spread another layer of sauce inside. This dish is considered a breakfast dish of the Northeast people it is very convenient. This dish is very popular in the streets of Taipei.It is like the savior of the office workers, recharging for a new day. Bao. Try this quick dish as soon as you arrive in Taipei it will not let you down!

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