The dish not to be missed when coming to Barcelona- Spain


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. It contains extremely attractive dishes, encapsulated with the typical cuisine of the beautiful Spanish country.


This is a typical dish for diverse cuisine of Spain. This dish is made from many different ingredients such as olive oil, cheese, fish, fried squid, sausages or ham…Today, with the development and creativity of people, tapas is more creative when combined with many different cuisines with new ingredients such as chili beans, potatoes … If you travel to Spain At home, please enjoy this wonderful dish once. Dishes are usually served at noon from eleven to ten o’clock and at night from nine to eleven.

Although the dish is created and transformed in many different ways, it retains the traditional flavors typical of typical Spanish cuisine. This dish is very popular in the cities of this beautiful country. The most popular dish in Marid city, La Rambla neighborhood or Placa de Cataluny square but the most typical flavor is the tapas of Barcelon city.

Omelet Egg

This is a familiar and popular dish in shops and cafes of the city of Barcelona. Food is often enjoyed by visitors in the morning. This egg Omelet appeared a long time ago, from the 1817s, during which period the Spanish farmers were extremely needy.

This Omelet is the premise for today’s egg dishes. But this egg dish in Spain is a completely different version from the usual egg dishes of countries around the world. To make a perfect egg, there are indispensable ingredients such as onions, potatoes. These two ingredients will be blended and blended well with the eggs, then fry them on both sides. And the food is also varied according to taste. There are places for adding tomatoes, pork … to increase the rich flavor of the dish. When you come here to travel, you can enjoy food in the morning with a little bread and sip a cup of hot coffee.

Churros Cake

Churros is a long-standing traditional cake and is widely popular in Spanish cuisine. This cake is made from shepherds. According to the people here, since ancient times, due to the animal grazing conditions in the high mountains, there was no fresh bread, so the carers here created a simple, easy and easy dough. make more than flour to make fresh bread.

These cakes are usually cylindrical, with a crispy outer crust, but the inside is extremely soft and fluffy. Traditional Churros don’t have any filling inside, only the outer layer is sprinkled with a bit of sugar. But over the years, Churros have been transformed into different versions to better suit the requirements of modern times. And Churros cake has been transformed into a kind of cake with filling and created from many different types of filling such as chocolate, cheese, strawberry jam …


Barcelona city not only attracts tourists with beautiful attractions but also attracts tourists when coming here to be a vast, immense and extremely beautiful beach. This is considered the most popular tourist attraction. Being a place with such a beautiful beach, it is indispensable for the special dishes with the taste of the sea.

And the specialty that is considered the most typical here is snail and cod. Snail dishes are one of the most favorite tapas. When you eat this snail dish, you just need a slice of lemon, a little spicy of mustard and combine them, you can enjoy an extremely fresh dish.

The next specialty that visitors cannot miss is cod fish baked with honey. An extremely attractive must-try dish. The appeal of this dish is the sweet taste of honey, the aroma of olive oil, the fragrance of garlic or the greasy taste of mayonaise. When you enjoy this dish, you will feel the wonderful interwoven aroma. And the thing that makes you love this dish is the freshest cod pieces ever. All harmonize together but bring a very strange feature that is hard to eat. Food is available at the city’s seafood restaurants and when you travel here, stop by and enjoy this extremely attractive seafood dish.

Salted bacon

Large meat is an extremely abundant ingredient in Spain because it is one of the world’s largest pork producers. Therefore, when tourists come here, it is easy to come across this dish in restaurants or bars.

This salt pork dish is also modified according to different versions and each version will have its own unique flavor but all have an unmistakable flavor of salt.

To make a big meat dish, the choice of large meat is the most important step. Because it is the main ingredient and assess the level of greasy, fresh or not. Usually people make this dish will use large Iberico meat, this version is considered the most advanced because of its extremely high quality meat.

And indispensable when enjoying this excellent dish is combined with a glass of red wine sangria, combined with fruit or a slice of lemon.

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