The beautiful tourist destinations “ecstatic” in Portugal


Portugal is a beautiful country with interesting places to visit and explore. Visitors to Portugal not only see the turquoise beaches, the ancient language of Western style is nestled in the deep green valleys.

Serra Da Lousã valley

Serra Da Lousã valley is one of the fresh green and cool places. For those who love nature, love the airy, how can you miss this wonderful place. The Serra Da Lousã valley is a combination of rivers, canals flowing around old brick houses and is highlighted by the deep green forests.

When you come to this valley, you will feel the picturesque villages, the cultural traditions and long history. With an interesting location, it is indispensable for the specialties of this local area.

For the first time when you step into the valley will feel that you are lost in a wild land with old forests, mysterious caves. And it is these caves that are places for those who love the adventure can not ignore the. This is a place with a blend of both nature and culture, a true discovery for this Serra Da Lousã valley. Above all, this is a little-known location, so there won’t be as many tourists as other places in Portugal.

Perennial route at the Algarve coast

At the Algarve coast is a beautiful small Tavira town. This is one of the lesser known places, so when you come here you will feel very comfortable. If you are tired of work, this is an extremely interesting destination.

When you come to Tavira town you will be leisurely walking on the mossy path but alternating with roadside flowers or heavy orange trees. You walk on this road will feel a fresh air, cool, cool. After your vacation is over, you will feel refreshed and refreshed ever.

A special feature when you choose the town of Tavira is a resort that you cannot miss is the wine and traditional Portuguese food.

Coming to Algarve, you not only feel the fresh air of the forest but also enjoy the cool air of the sea. The Algarve has the most beautiful and rated beach in the world. When you come to the beach, you also learn about the life of the coastal people here or the customs of small coastal villages such as Santa Luiza, Cabanas or Cacela Velha.

Experience the wildlife parks in northern Portugal

Coming to northern Portugal, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic natural beauty here. Especially when you set foot in Peneda-Gerês National Park.

The park covers an area of very wide – 700 square kilometers. This is a favorite place for backpackers because of the beautiful roads and the surrounding rivers, or towering peaks with cold waterfalls to the numbness. And when visitors come here to visit and experience, they find that the ecosystem here is extremely rich with rare and wild animals. All together makes you feel like you are dreaming, you are lost in an ancient forest with beautiful and mysterious scenery waiting for you to explore.

In Peneda-Gerês Park, there are also villages with a long history: Barcelo, Braga, Guimaraes, Ponte de Lima for you to explore and learn more about Portuguese history.

Experience surfing on the sunny and windy beaches in southern Portugal

When you experience the light of the north, when coming to the south, you will become active and love thrilling sports here such as surfing at Evaneos – this is one of the ideal places that Travelers who come to Portugal cannot miss.

Coming to Portugal’s southern beach, you will find the beach here is full of sunshine and wind and the most special thing is the strength of the waves here that are extremely suitable for hugging the board and surfing on the head. the waves. If you are visiting here for the first time and do not know which surfing spots are the most suitable and beautiful, you can ask a guide to point to the beautiful surfing places and suit your abilities.

And when you finish surfing, Evaneos also entertains you with delicious dishes typical of Portuguese cuisine or the romantic scenery of coastal villages.

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