The beaches are like paradise of Greece


Greece is a country with more than 9,800 islands and a coastline of 14,000 km. With such natural conditions, Greece is truly an island and island paradise with beautiful beaches as famous fairy places in the world. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to this country is very large, every year millions of visitors from all over the world flock to enjoy a fresh atmosphere, admire the fine sand, enjoy the lanes. blue sea water or sunbathing.

Agios Prokopios Beach – Naxos Island

Agios Prokopios Beach, about 4 km from the island of Naxos, is ranked as one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches and among the top 10 beaches in Europe.

Agios Prokopios is a very wide beach with endless stretches of sand combined with clear blue sea. Coming to this beach, tourists can not only swim freely but also experience water sports activities such as windsurfing, cycling on sand, beach volleyball. Or you can enjoy the life of indigenous people here by visiting the markets, cafes.

Balos Lagoon Beach- Crete Island

Balos Lagoon is a place that attracts a lot of tourists all over the world because of its extremely fanciful beauty. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed with the romantic pink beach created by debris and red coral products mixed into the sand and it is one of the rare beaches in the world. Combined with a pink is turquoise sea is extremely beautiful. In front of not only the sea but this Balos Lagoon beach also has undulating cliffs that bring poetic beauty but also create majestic beauty for the beach.

Porto Katsiki Beach- Lefkada Island

This Porto Katsiki beach is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The beach is stretched with clear blue water combined with endless sandy beach. Guests can enjoy relaxing sunbathing on beds and beach umbrellas. The name Porto Katsiki means “the land of goats”. According to people, in the past, this was a isolated and pristine land that only goats could move to this beach. But today, Porto Katsiki has become a famous tourist paradise and charm of Greece.

Simos Beach- Elafonisos Island

This is a beach voted by the people here to be the most beautiful beach in Greece. Because it is not only poetic beauty, it is also a spectacular combination of immense sand dunes with extremely rich and unique flora. The beach is the best choice for families because the children can comfortably swim in the shallow water and clear. And the interesting point on this beach is counting down, visitors can enjoy the sea party with live music and above all, will enjoy the local specialties here.

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos Island

Navagio Beach, also known as the shipwreck yard. This is an isolated sand bay on Zalynthos Island, located in western Greece. The beach possesses an impressive beauty with clear blue water, fine white sand surrounded by impressive vertical cliffs. It was also a scene in the hit movie “Descendants of the Sun”, from which the beach became more and more famous. It is also considered a Greek paradise.

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