Strange dishes of famous specialties in Africa


Walking in Africa, you can practice and have fun. People in one person, the other one. The smell of Africa is part of each other. Hardware is the dish that when eaten and drinks.


A famous street food originating from the mid-19th century, it combines elements of Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Kushari is made from rice, pasta, and lentils mixed together, topped with a spice of tomato sauce and garlic vinegar and garnished with green beans and crispy fried onions and often served with sprinklings of garlic. juice, garlic vinegar and hot sauce. Despite the combination of other moist backgrounds, Kushari has more ingredients and flavors, especially local Egyptian sauces that give it a more unique and exotic flavor.
2. Dawood Basha

This dish is very popular not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East region. This dish is made from finely ground lamb, then add onions, coriander, then pellets, then cook with tomato sauce and sprinkle with roasted pine nuts to mix together. This dish is usually served with white rice, the sweet and sour taste of tomato sauce plus crispy roasted pine nuts to make the dish even more delicious. This is a very popular dish Egyptians often use it to make on the main menu. If you have the opportunity to go to Egypt or try this strange dish! It will not let you down.
3. Taameya

If you are a vegetarian, you cannot miss this Taameya. The main ingredient is bean flour mixed with spices then molded into small round cakes similar to donuts then fried until the bread turns yellow, Taameya usually eaten with raw vegetables and sauces Tahini. This dish is also very popular in Egypt. You can meet it and enjoy it at some street vendors.

This dish is considered popular food in Egypt, it is easy to make and simple to eat. To make it, you just need to puree the beef or lamb, then marinate it, then stuff it in bread and then bring it to the toaster. This recipe is very similar to bate bread in Vietnam. This dish in every store in Egypt will have a different flavor depending on the recipe that the wedge maker, so this is also quite a special dish in Egypt.

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