Shanghai – the quintessence of Chinese cuisine?


Summer is also the time when young people are excited about the plans for relaxing tours. Once familiar with Da Lat or Nha Trang, Da Nang – Hoi An, famous locations outside the border such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai or South Korea are the top goals to strive towards.
Located on the peaceful Hoang Pho River, bringing both modern and ancient beauty of famous architectural works, Shanghai is a worth exploring destination this summer. In addition to being a paradise for shopaholics with quality and affordable shops, this is also a paradise for foodies with a variety of delicious dishes. It can be said that Shanghai is the convergence of the culinary elite of China. If you are confused because you do not know what to eat in Shanghai, follow the list of certain dishes to try below.

When you wake up in Shanghai in the morning, pamper your hungry stomach with fried dumplings. This is a dish that receives a lot of love from tourists, besides traditional dumplings. The dumplings are arranged in a large round pan, frying the bottom to make it crispy and fragrant, then add a little water and steam in the jar to soften the dough as well as cook the meat. When buying, the seller will put the dumplings into a paper cup and then pour sauce mixed with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and chili sauce on top. The pretty small dumpling with a thin crust on top, the chewy bread base with the strong shrimp paste will make you sob forever unlimited. A part of the dish and the reward

You can find many types of dumplings with a variety of flavors here, but perhaps not to mention the small dragon bao. As the leading famous dish in Shanghai. This is a small cake, filled with shrimp or seafood. A special soup dumpling, which can captivate anyone from the first time enjoying it. The attractive flavor and the soup inside the bread make the popularity of Little Dragon Bao spread out of Shanghai to many other regions and countries. When eating, people have to gently use chopsticks to pick up the bread to spoon on the spoon and then chopsticks to split the skin layer, the hot soup inside will pour out. Pick up a few sliced ​​ginger just to cake, add a little spicy of chili sauce and satay and enjoy, the whole mouth cavity will be flooded with the quintessential traditional flavor.

Like many Asian countries like Vietnam and South Korea. Roasted sweet potato is a very popular dish for everyone. Baked sweet potatoes in Shanghai are sold on street vendors. The hot, flexible potatoes with a characteristic sweetness will help you dispel the cold of winter. Therefore, if you come to Shanghai in the winter, visitors can not miss this popular but also attractive dish.

Shanghai people are very fond of noodle dishes, you can see this dish from street food stalls to luxurious and sophisticated restaurants. Fried noodles, water noodles or noodles mixed with various types of poles ranging from seafood to meat all have a delicious taste irresistible.
If you want to enjoy a unique craft taste, Lan Chau noodles spun with thinly stretched noodles, served with beef soup, coriander, onions are a great suggestion for you. This dish is often sold in famous restaurants.
If you are more fond of the more rustic street food, you definitely cannot miss fried or fried noodles with fresh vegetables, different cold noodles or nutrient-rich onion sauce noodles.

Many people will surely grimace when they hear this dish, however, rotten tofu is one of Shanghai’s top street foods as well as a familiar dish to many tourists coming here.
This dish will stimulate both your taste and smell. These unpleasant smelly tofu pieces are cut into small pieces, covered with sauce that will make you know that tofu has never been a bland dish.

Lunch with dumplings and fiber is probably not enough “heat” if you go back and explore much. But do not worry, because in the afternoon Shanghai street will be a true culinary paradise thanks to the presence of many kinds of fried bread with all kinds of flavors. It can be fried onion cake, a dish that captivates visitors with an eye-catching crispy yellow crust and a fragrant scallion pork fat filling. Or cooler is fried radish cake dish made simply with radish and flour, served with sweet and sour sauce flattering mouth. There are many kinds of cakes here to please the tourists, just afraid we are not enough to be able to “contain” the essence of this place.

If you come to Shanghai this summer, definitely can not miss the crayfish here. Crayfish is available from spring to autumn, but Shanghai people prefer to eat crayfish especially in the summer. There are many ways to prepare shrimp, such as fried with chili pepper, roasted dry with salt and pepper or steamed with spicy broth. What could be better than on a cool evening, sipping small, crayfish and talking to friends on the bustling streets of this dynamic city.

In addition to being a haven for shoppers with quality and affordable stores, Shanghai is also a paradise for foodies with an array of delicious dishes. Don’t miss Shanghai this summer, this is a pretty interesting destination!

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