Popular tourist attractions attract the most visitors in Incheon

Korea is a country with many beautiful tourist destinations and when traveling to Korea, there is a place that you cannot help but visit is Incheon, the third largest city of Korea. A crowded city and attracts many tourists to visit Korea.

Incheon is a city in northwestern Korea, bordering Seoul Province and Gyeonggi Province in the east and golden sea in the west. Currently the city has about 2.76 million people, making Incheon the third most populous city in Korea after Seoul and Busan. Although it is a big city, Incheon actually developed in the late 19th century after it was built and opened Jemulpo international port, this city just started to grow and attract many big companies. in Korea, invest and develop in this city. 
Incheon has many islands, large and small, with enchanting beaches, vast parks and colorful ancient temples. With an area of over 1,000km2, anywhere in Incheon you can find beautiful sceneries. First of all, it’s Incheon Airport, the largest international airport in the world. 
1. Incheon Airport

Incheon International Airport is rated as the largest international airport in Korea. It is one of the largest and busiest air entrepot ports in the world. Covering an area of ​​over 54ha and applying the most advanced technology in Korea. The airport is like a miniature hotel, the airport owns attractive amenities such as golf course, spa, private room, hotel, casino, … The largest intelligent system in the world.
The airport has many waiting rooms and platforms serving the needs of each passenger. An extremely special and bustling and bustling place for the airport is the Internet lounge. This is the first international airport to install free network for passengers at the airport.
If you and your family come to South Korea to play and take your children, Incheon Airport has a free play area for children while waiting for the flight, parents can take their children to the playground. for kids and completely free. This is the most appreciated service at Incheon Airport.
2. Chinatown – China

China Town Chinatown is located in Seonlin-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon. Incheon Chinatown becomes the second Chinese homeland in Korea. Every street corner where they live is imbued with the image of traditional China. This place is well known as the only Chinatown that still exists today in Korea. There are many eateries serving traditional Chinese – Korean dishes such as jjamppong (spicy seafood stew) and jajangmyeon, an iconic dish of the Chinese people. This place is the birthplace of the most delicious noodles in Korea. With a bold red gate in China, a place not too noisy with a peaceful atmosphere, Chinese people here are very friendly and hospitable, so visitors always feel comfortable. If you want to learn Chinese culture and identity right on Korea, stop by this China town.
3. Incheon Bridge

Roads and bridges in Korea are very diverse and have many special features. Incheon Bridge is a bridge across the sea, currently holds the record for the longest bridge in Korea today with a length of 18,248km. Incheon Bridge was built to facilitate the exchange of goods, the bridge is spanning through the international cities of Songdo and Yeongjong, where Incheon International Airport is located, this bridge after the commencement and construction is completed. set to accelerate economic efficiency creating more than 3.35 billion USD economic efficiency. The bridge not only has a beautiful winding design, it also has the electric position on the bridge cables making the bridge a highlight at night, becoming more lively.

4. Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple has a long history, up to now, it is over 600 years old, the temple was built on the beach, bringing a very impressive and unique landscape. The temple was built in 1376 but due to the Japanese – Han Dynasty, it destroyed this temple. Until 1970, this temple started to restore and preserve until now.
The temple has a very special geographical position, sitting temple is built on a large rock facing the sea, overlooking the ocean, this is the unique feature of this temple. The temple is beautiful but the way to the temple is very difficult. For those who wish to enjoy the peaceful scenery with fresh air to enjoy the smell of saltwater ocean, this is an indispensable place for your trip schedule. The temple is known as the place to pray for fame, the most famous career in Korea.
5. Paradise City Resort

A new city where architecture intersects tradition and present, beyond reality and imagination. Paradise city is the first multi-complex resort in Southeast Asia offering comfortable accommodation and leisure activities, including casino and spa. In other words, Paradise city has everything you need for a fun, relaxing vacation.
Paradise Hotel & Resort is arranged from the 5th floor to the 10th floor, with a total of 711 rooms, including 373 Deluxe rooms, 01 Villa with Deluxe pool, 01 Villa with a Grand Deluxe pool and other high-class rooms. tell you a really relaxing night. The dining area of ​​the hotel is extremely diverse, including 7 restaurants, each with different food features, serving a variety of cuisines suitable for each passenger.
The relaxation area of the hotel is appreciated by the extremely good design and service. With advanced modern gyms, relaxation rooms such as saunas, … Families with children in the hotel also need not worry because the hotel has invested in amusement parks for children. run and jump.
Because the hotel is combined by the best design in Southeast Asia, the hotel is also equipped with high-tech game system and special customer service, Paradise City casino. Paradise City is currently the largest casino in Korea with a total of 449 slot machines. In addition to the regular gaming room, the casino also has a special entertainment area to host various events and special areas reserved for VIP guests.

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