Places not to be missed when visiting Denmark


Denmark is a great tourist attraction when it comes to Europe. The places in this country have unique characteristics for those who come to the beautiful country of Denmark to explore. One of the most popular attractions is the country’s capital, Copenhagen.

Outdoor museum on the outskirts of Lyngby

This suburb is 15 kilometers from Copenhagen, when you come here, you’ll find one of the oldest outdoor museums in the world. That is the Frilandsmuseet Museum. When you come here, you will have the opportunity to experience a life in the years 1650-1940. And this museum also makes you overwhelmed with 350 thousand square meters of farms, houses and rich wildlife.

If you are a freedom-loving person and want to learn everything yourself here, you can visit by yourself. If you want to learn more about the life and style of life of the ancient people here, you can hire a guide.

And do not forget to enjoy traditional dishes with bold cultural features of Denmark, when you enjoy these wonderful dishes, you will not be able to not taste their typical flavor.

To save time, you can take the S-train to Sorrgenfri station to get the fastest way to the outskirts of Lyngby and the Frilandsmuseet museum is only a 10-minute walk from Sorgenfri station.

Kronborg Castle

This is the most sought after castle in Denmark, with thousands of visitors arriving within a day. This place is very famous because the castle is magnificent and magnificent.

Kronborg Castle is also included in the famous Hamlet – the story of the Danish prince of the great writer Willam Shakespeare. And the time many tourists choose to visit this place is from June to the end of August. Because, at this time, visitors to Kronborg will enjoy the live performance of the work. Hamlet.

This castle is a 50-minute drive from the capital. If you do not want to drive and want to move faster, you can take the train to Elsinore station and walk 10 minutes to reach this splendid Kronborg castle.

Old town of Dragør

Coming to the ancient town of Dragør, you will admire the natural beauty of the fields, forests or museums, restaurants, shopping centers …

When you come to the center of the town, you will experience long and narrow roads with two very special old houses built from the 1700s and 1800s.

In addition, you can watch the immense sea and enjoy delicious food at local restaurants and cafes. If you are an art lover, you can come across many of the artworks on the streets of the town.

It is 12 kilometers from the city center so the best way to get here is to take the subway to Copenhagen Airport. Afterwards, you can take bus number 35 to DR Byen station to get to town.

BonBon-Land amusement park

If you are a thrill seekers, come to BonBon-Land Park to experience. The park is located in the town of Næstved, 80 kilometers from the capital. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed with interesting games. Not only that, you can go to the Fantasy Land indoor playground with an area of over 10 thousand square meters.

In the park there are also eateries, souvenirs so that visitors can enjoy delicious food and buy souvenirs for relatives. In addition, members often organize events that take place during the opening period. It is definitely a very interesting place for people of all ages.

It is also an hour drive away to the park, but if you want to go faster, you can use public transport by train from the capital to the town. The train will be at Holme Olsstrup Station and it takes you only 5 minutes to walk to BonBon-Land Park.

Malmø City: Experience the ‘crossing the border’

One of the places that you cannot miss while traveling in Denmark is Malmø. This is a beautiful city located on the other side of the Øresund bridge connecting the two countries.

Coming to Malmø city, you can walk on colorful streets with unique architecture. If you go exploring all day and quite tired then you can go to Ribersborgs Kalbadhus – this is an outdoor public bathroom surrounded by the building for over 100 years.

In addition, coming to the city you can also enjoy specialties at Malmø Saluhall food market. Coming here, you can easily find small food stalls, coffee shops. All bring the characteristic flavor unforgettable of this beautiful Denmark.

To get to the city, you can take the train from the capital’s station to the city’s station. This way of traveling will take about 35 minutes and one thing to note: do not forget to bring an afternoon to travel “cross the border”.

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