What foods do Chinese and New Year trays have?



In the reunion dinner of the Chinese New Year family in China, indispensable bread, dumplings, … with the concept that Tet dishes are meant to see off the unfortunate things of the previous year and to bring lucky fortune into home.

Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) is the biggest and most important holiday for Chinese people. And an indispensable step is to prepare food, or meaningful parties to see off all evil and to welcome new lucky fortune to home.

Traditional Tet tray is always a symbol of devotion to the ancestors, and also shows the cozy gatherings symbolizing the image of the family.


In Chinese, the fish is read as Yú / yoo, pronounced like the word “redundant” in Chinese, so this is a meaningful dish that will bring abundant fortune and blessings in the new year. However, unlike the usual days of eating fish on Chinese New Year, there are some very interesting rules.

For example, when setting the fish on the table, the head of the fish is always directed to the oldest person, who has the highest position in the table to show respect. In particular, have to wait for people sitting in front of this fish head to eat before the people at the table begin to move chopsticks. And finally, the two of you sitting at the head of the fish and the tail have to drink a glass together as this will bring good luck all year



Dumplings, also known as cheo, is a type of Chinese steamed bun. This is a dish without tags not in the traditional Tet tray in China. With a history of over 1800 years, dumplings are a long-standing traditional dish of Chinese people on the occasion of Chinese New Year. Dumplings in the new year will not be made in a circular shape but made into a shape similar to compressing gold and silver in the old days, so the symbol of the dumpling on Tet holiday is to show wealth, a lot of money, a lot of silver. On Chinese New Year, there are many kinds of dumplings in China, such as dumplings with pork, shrimp, fish, beef, chicken and vegetables. Cake can be steamed, boiled or fried well.

While making dumplings, the baker will sneak the thread or coin into the filling. If anyone hits the cake with thread will symbolize longevity, and whoever wins the cake with coins, the new year will be rich and prosperous. Different regions make different kinds of dumplings. Many families will only shape the normal semicircular shape, but many families cleverly shape the effervescent cake as high as silver symbolizing the meaning of money to fill gold and silver everywhere. In the rural countryside, people still print the picture of a rice flower on a cake to expect a good harvest year. Dumpling dumplings symbolize money for wealth and luck, so on the traditional Tet tray of Chinese people can not lack this disc.


This cake is a rustic dish, which has existed for a long time in the tradition of the Chinese people. The cake is made from fine, glutinous and fragrant glutinous rice, red beans, sugar “won” carefully, reaching ductility, removing all impurities and leaving little fresh ginger to create flavors. Red cake nest symbolizes good luck in the new year. When you eat the cake, you will feel the elasticity, fragrant from glutinous rice and ginger.

Banh Nien, also known as Banh to, is a dish that always appears in traditional Chinese dishes. The name Nien Cao in Chinese is synonymous with the word “a new high year”, meaning a new year is getting better and better. This cake is also a popular New Year gift in China, it is meant as a wish for a prosperous new year and achieve much success.

In the early days of the new year, Chinese rice tray cannot be without pork. This dish is attractive by the color, with the spices, the crunchy pig skin layer with the herbs to create a unique scent. There are two ways to prepare this dish, which can be roasted whole or split into small pieces for baking. But the whole chicken will be delicious and the meat will be softer and moist. Today, many families in China often place roast pork before New Year’s Eve at restaurants, so that they can complete the offering of the fairy’s offering.


This sweet and inviting pudding is often used as a New Year’s gift in China. The ingredients are glutinous rice, dried fruits, nuts, and can be coated with syrup on top. Cake symbolizes luck and fortune, because the pronunciation of this cake also means “treasure”.

The cake is often red in color, symbolizing luck, if families with children about to take a university entrance exam or preparing for promotion will eat it to make sure everything is going well. In addition, ninan gao rice cakes on the traditional Tet tray also bring the message that the family members always stick together and stick together sustainably.


One of the traditional Chinese stew dishes is definitely indispensable for Yan Du Xian. This is a popular dish in the Truong Giang River every spring, especially on Tet holidays. The soup is made from bamboo shoots, meat, tofu with a little aromatic wine and simmered for hours. The taste of the soup bowl is delicious, the sweetness of the meat and the sour taste of bamboo shoots create a unique and unique taste that you can hardly find in any other region.

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