Indulge yourself with 5 breathtaking tourist destinations in Cuba


Cuba is a beautiful country and a very special country because it is the intersection of three great cultures Europe, Africa, Latin America. When the tourists come here, all feel the strange beauty but still close. Coming to Cuba, you should visit the capital of Havana, Bayamo or the peaceful island of Ciego de Avila and many interesting tourist destinations waiting for you to explore.

Maria la Gorda Beach

When the tourists come to Maria la Gorda beach – a romantic beach. This is an extremely famous and wonderful place. Therefore, this beach attracts a lot of tourists when coming to Cuba. Tourists coming here will see and feel a wild and poetic beauty with a variety of sea animals swimming around in the blue water, which makes visitors feel excited and love the peace here.

Guests arriving at the beach Maria la Gorda will feel the gentle golden sun is spread evenly on the white sand, the green coconut trees in the sea breeze as if beckoning to you.

Not only that, visitors here can swim on the sea floor, sunbathe on the long sandy beaches. In addition, visitors can visit restaurants and eateries to enjoy the special seafood dishes with special ways of processing the waters of this place.

The most suitable time for tourists to visit is around January. January here is cool climate and favorable for recreational activities and swimming activities. The climate with a stable temperature background with moderate sunlight, humidity suitable for human health. So this is a suitable place for family or personal vacations.

Cayo Coco Beach

This is a place called the “green island” in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Cayo Coco Beach is located in the Ciego de Avila, about 500 km from La Habana. Every scene in this sea brings a pristine beauty to the pure, vegetation and animals here are extremely rich.

Cayo Coco Beach has been voted one of the cleanest beaches in the world. When visitors come here, you will be attracted by beautiful natural scenery like paradise with blue sea water, white sand and yellow sunshine. And visitors also experience the feeling of adventure with water sports.

With an area of 370 km2, Cayo Coco is invested and developed the best travel services to serve visitors when coming here. Visitors can also see interesting things in this sea. The special thing about this sea is that the water here can change color continuously. The turquoise spot, the green spot, and the mangrove forest on one side. In addition, visitors can dive to see the 10 km long coral reefs – the second largest coral reef in the world, with small fish with short blue water, all mixed together to create a The scenery under the sea is very fanciful and very beautiful. Therefore, this is a tourist destination that is a top priority tourist.

Vinales valley

The valley is 178 km from Havana and voted as one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. The area of the Vinales valley is 132 square kilometers. It contains extremely beautiful natural landscapes and is also home to many historic Cuban walls.

The park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999 because it contains unique beauty that is hard to find. Not only that, the Vinales valley is also home to historical vestiges from prehistoric times, especially the underground river that pierces the Cueva del Indio cave. When visitors come here will be watching the art on the rock. The artwork depicts the customs and lifestyle of the first inhabitants of the island, pre-Colobian aborigines.

It is surrounded by high limestone mountain ranges, in addition to the green of the palm forest, of the green tobacco fields. Tourists are also attracted to the unique architecture of media-style villages and farms, a symbol of Cuban cultural development.
Vinales Valley is also an ideal place for tourists to cycle trekking and enjoy the beautiful scenery here. The roads here are relatively flat and safe accompanied by idyllic natural landscapes, quiet and extremely majestic so this will be an experience you cannot miss.

In particular, the Vinales valley also creates a feature that visitors can not be confused with other places which are the giant stone paintings dating from prehistoric times. Visitors can check-in here comfortably with the length of the painting up to 120 meters and the width of 80 meters. The painting is displayed on the hillside of Pita mogote.

Guanahacabibes Peninsula

Guanahacabibes is a peninsula in western Cuba. There are the largest national parks in the country and this is also one of the places with attractive tourist destinations in Cuba.

The peninsula was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve in 1987, which is considered the home of many tropical animals. Therefore, this place has many rich and rare animals.

The area of the peninsula is up to 1, 015 square kilometers so the system of creatures is extremely rich. There are 700 species of plants, 172 species of birds, 35 species of reptiles, 18 mammals and 19 species of amphibians so this place is a suitable place for divers and conservationists.

It is not only abundant animals but also the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and has a diving spot to see the famous coral reefs. This is a great experience that the visitors here can not miss when you come to Guanahacabibes.

The best time to travel is the early spring. When visitors come here, they will see the golden crabs moving from the mainland to the sea to lay eggs, creating a very interesting moving scene.

Desembarco del Granma National Park

This national park is located in Granma province, southeast of Cuba. The name Desembarco del Granma is named after a boat carrying revolutionaries such as Raul Castro, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 79 other comrades from Mexico to Cuba in December 1956 to lead the Cuban Revolution. It is also a famous UNESCO site for its unique marine terraces and pristine sea cliffs.

The natural landscape of the unique coastal limestone cliffs with the largest, best preserved systems of the terrain bordering the coast. With the wilderness and tranquility of the national park, the ecosystem as well as the animals here are extremely rich. This area is also considered the home of plants and animals. The park has up to 512 species of plants, 13 species of mammals, 44 species of reptiles, 110 species of birds and amphibians.

There are limestone cliffs with extremely unique shapes accompanied by cliffs, waterfalls … The grandeur of the mountains and the vastness of the sea mixed together to create a beautiful landscape. . So this is the tourist destination you should visit.

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