Harderwijk – Netherlands famous Veluwemeer water bridge


Come to the beautiful Netherlands, do not forget to visit Harderwijk to admire the wonderful scenery and more special, you will admire a unique bridge – an architecture that breaks all laws physical.

Veluwemeer is a water bridge in the small town of Harderwijk, in the province of Gelderland, in the eastern Netherlands. The bridge was put into use in 2002 with the purpose of helping boats and vehicles travel every day.

From the days of coming up with ideas for the construction of the bridge, it was considered a pretty bold idea by people to build a bridge with a length of 25m, width 19 and a depth of 3m to connect the two dike banks and enough This is an unthinkable height to avoid ferry boats from crashing. But this was done at Harderwijk-the Netherlands, which surprised the world.

Before the Netherlands built this unique bridge, a lot of creative ideas were discussed. And the plan is given that: build a regular bridge or an underwater tunnel. But this option has a huge disadvantage of time, construction costs and it also hinders traffic.

Finally, architect Veluwemeer Aqueduct made a decision to build a water bridge. This unique design will save a lot of construction costs and maximize the efficiency of the water bridge, without obstructing traffic.

The bridge was built to connect the Dutch continent with the world’s largest artificial island Flevoland. Veluwemmer Bridge is considered to be the shortest bridge in the world but the number of vehicles traveling through the day up to 28,000.

In addition, the bridge not only designed two traffic streams but also has walkways on both sides for pedestrians to enjoy. From here, visitors can admire the immense water, the vast blue sky, cool and below are the cars still crowded.

Not only that, the Dutch water bridge also has a modern water system that allows continuous traffic throughout the land and on the water. Above is a giant sea surface for easy passage of boats, below are 2 lanes deep down to 10m with about 28,000 vehicles circulating every day. With such design, cars and pedestrians will reduce the usual roundabouts to the bridge, shorten the distance and can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides.

So do not forget to visit the small town of Harderwijk to be able to admire the unique bridge of the Netherlands in particular and the world in general.

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