Famous dishes of the city of Beijing China


Referring to China is referring to a country with the leading population in the world. With an area of ​​9,596,961 km², China is the fourth largest continent in the world and the fourth largest country in the world. Because of its large population, Chinese cuisine is also very diverse. The capital of China is Beijing, the busiest place in the world. Beijing is a leader in domestic economic development, as well as a place to train leading geniuses in the economy – technology – technology and Chinese cuisine is also very diverse and rich.

Here are some special dishes to try when coming to Beijing China
1. Beijing roaster

The first dish mentioned when coming to Beijing, this dish is typical for the cuisine of Beijing city. To make this dish, the chef needs to prepare very elaborately. First, you have to clean the feathers, then spread a layer of spices on the duck, then put in the oven to roast the duck until the skin is yellow, taking out the taste of the food that really stimulates the taste of food guest. Witnessing the ducks come out of the oven and the skilled chefs cut the meat, making soy sauce increases the stimulation for the dish. When eating the taste of meat pieces melted in the mouth, the crunchy skin is sweet and fatty without being tired, the flesh is soft but not chewy. Eat a piece you want to eat more and this time try rolling the crispy duck meat with a thin layer of rice paper with cucumber and soy sauce. Surely this will be a dish that reminds you of Beijing forever. If you have been black in Beijing but you have never tried this dish, the enemies really regret it.
2. Zha Jiang Noodles

Noodles are a typical dish of the Chinese people, due to the unusual climate, the wet rice husband is impossible, so people in China mainly grow wheat and noodles are used instead of rice. This dish is basically like mixed noodles or spaghetti. Noodles are boiled through boiling water, mixed with sauce to taste with a little acrid cucumber and mixed to enjoy. This dish is not too picky, but the special flavor is in the meat sauce mixed with noodles, only Beijing can make the typical flavor of the North.
3. Mongolian hot pot

This dish is derived from Mongolia and is made from raw lamb. Mutton sliced, dipped in bone broth, rolled with herbs and dipping sauce made from sesame oil, chives and other spices … With a warm, cold winter, a hotpot is an option. Great for you when coming to this city of Beijing.
4. Royal cuisine

As a city with a history of more than 600 years, Chinese royal court sound is increasingly popular. With dishes that are only enjoyed by the ancient king, we can enjoy them now. The dishes on the table aa and r are also gradually modified to suit the taste of everyone more. The royal dining table includes expensive ingredients such as fish fin, abalone, bird’s nest … Coming to Beijing you will have the opportunity to eat dishes that only the king can eat. If you have the opportunity to go to Beijing to try this dish, it will not disappoint you.
5. Rotten tofu

The dish smells haunting for diners, this dish has been made in China for a long time. The way to prepare this dish is very simple, just bring the tofu to fry up until crispy gold removed and dipped in the prepared sauce. This dish is sold a lot on the streets of Beijing, you can easily find to buy and enjoy this dish.

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