Experience the most magical springs of America


When coming to the United States, visitors will not be able to visit the most beautiful hot spring locations in the country to enjoy and relax.

Deep Creek Hot Springs, California

This hot spring is hidden in the San Bernardino National Forest, a two-hour drive from Los Angeles. When visitors come here will be watching the Mojave River and find beautiful hot springs. This hot spring is quite large and is divided into many areas and each area has unique shapes by the stone baths mingling with nature. When visitors come here can choose for themselves one of three tubs with different sizes to swim and soak. Where hot water levels range from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius and can be hotter in the summer.

When coming to this stream, visitors can take a dip in the cold water and the time to visit this spring in the summer and early autumn.

Homestead Crater, Utah

The name “Homestead Crater” means “crater”. This is a natural hot spring located more than 16m deep, besides a rocky honeycomb mountain in Midway, Utah, USA. When visitors come here to take a dip, they will be able to see a very wide natural hole, this is also the only entrance to the hot spring. This hot spring area is known as one of the most unique hot springs in America.

The site is also the only hot water diving spot in the US, where the water temperature ranges from 32 to 36 degrees Celsius year-round. When coming here, tourists not only be immersed or dive, but they are also introduced to geographical, historical, geological and archeological knowledge about this special place.

Hot springs Conundru, Colorado

This spring is located in the wilderness Maroon Bells-Snowmass, Colorado cave – USA. This hot spring consists of 2 main tanks and 4 small tanks with a natural temperature of about 38 degrees C. When coming here visitors must climb 13 km of ramps and Conundrum Creek trail. It is a bit tiring to climb 13 km but visitors will be able to admire the beautiful scenery here and you will feel the short distance ever.

When you come to this hot spring, you also have a panoramic view of three majestic peaks: Cathedral peak, Conundrum peak and Castle peak.

Goldmyer hot spring, Washington

This is a stream located in the US state of Washington, located in the eastern city of Seattle about 96 km. To reach the hot spring, visitors will travel about 7.2 km state through the majestic Cascada Mountains.

This hot spring is a very popular place for tourists, but they limit 20 people a day to ensure visitors have the best experience when coming here to relax. Therefore, visitors who want to come here to experience must book in advance.

Goldmyer hot springs are classified into many different floors. The temperature of the hottest spring here is about 43 degrees Celsius, while the other lakes are about 40 degrees Celsius.

Granite hot water swimming pool, Wyoming

Swimming pool has extremely unique and interesting geography. Granite heated swimming pool is located in Bridger Teton national forest. In the summer, visitors can drive by themselves to admire the surroundings and be free of time. But in winter, visitors want to take a dip in the hot water, you can come here by sleigh, skateboard or rickshaw.

This heated pool area is designed like a resort, with smaller, rustic pools. And the special thing when visitors come here to take a dip is to be able to take a dip, swim in the swell but also be able to admire the majestic scenery of the mountains in the winter.

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