Experience the most beautiful places to celebrate Christmas in the country of maple leaves


If you travel Canada in December last year. So, you will experience the warmest, most meaningful and interesting places for Christmas.

City of Ottawa

Opening the Christmas season in Ottawa will be a light show that takes place at the beginning of December every year at the National Assembly-run and controlled National Assembly Building. This festival is a fusion of fireworks and music. Everyone here can enjoy delicious food, especially cakes and hot chocolate absolutely free for visitors to attend.

When the performance ends, the whole city will be immersed in Christmas atmosphere. After the performance, visitors can visit other places that are meticulously decorated, sophisticated and extremely sophisticated.

The weather in the city of Ottawa in the last month of the year is getting lower and lower and the snow is closing in thicker layers on the ground. Meanwhile, residents and visitors will experience the skiing experience in the Rideau Canal area. This is an activity you cannot miss.

City of Toronto

Toronto is the largest city of the country of maple leaves, this is also a place to welcome visitors in Canada’s best season.

In early December, the government and its residents began hosting the largest annual Christmas parades in the world, attracting more than 500,000 visitors. When you arrive in Toronto, you can not help but participate in the light race, opening the giant Christmas tree procession festival at Nathan Phillips Square. Alternatively, go to the Toronto Christmas markets. For nature lovers, you can visit the 2 greenhouses Allan Gardens Conservatory and Centennial Park Conservatory to admire the colors of flowers in a cold winter.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is an ideal destination for tourists visiting Canada. Because this place has spectacular views and each year attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. At Christmas time, the waterfall is also covered with strips of extremely colorful and magical than ever. The festival here is called Christmas Lights, the festival is lit up with more than 3 million stretching lights creating an extra sparkling and fanciful space here. Not only that, visitors can enjoy and watch the fireworks display throughout Christmas.

City of Vancouver

Coming to this city, you can also join the Parade of Lights festival. When you come here, you can sit on the yacht decorated in sparkling, meticulous and go to the middle of the sea to enjoy the extremely romantic light show. In addition, the cruise takes you to popular offshore locations like Deep Cove and Port Moody and Palse Creek.

In Vancouver city, there are many places to visit such as: Robson shopping street, Standley park …

Bay Roberts

This is the living area of a small population community of Avalon peninsula. Christmas here is very exciting. When entering in December there will be parades all day and night of Santa Claus. In addition, this area also hosts many light festivals with different versions and takes turns organizing. In addition, there is a smart light park combined with fireworks displays or extremely good concerts to celebrate a peaceful Christmas season.

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