Discover the most impressive sleeping museums in America


The museum is not only a place to display and store between ancient documents and artifacts related to one or more fields of history, culture … Therefore, the museum is a place that is popular with many people even though it is an adult. or young children. When you come here, you can learn more about the history of humankind, the planet that humans live in or you can experience the feeling of diving deep into the ocean floor to see many rare animals, species you’ve never seen before.

In the United States, we have built sleeping museums and many unique ideas to give our customers the unprecedented experience at the usual exhibitions. In the US, some museums are not only normal but also have new ideas such as opening sleeping parties right inside the museum, where visitors can stay overnight to experience interesting and unexpected things. that night. The following is a list of sleeping museums that you cannot miss when coming to the United States.

Penn’s Sleep Museum, Philadelphia

Penn Sleep Museum is a museum for children from 6 to 12 years old (in the museum will be accompanied by a guardian). When you visit the museum, you will have a journey to discover this sleeping museum in the evening and use only a flashlight to explore and all will participate in a night hunt from ancient Egypt to the land. Occult Maya. In the journey there will be startling elements and very interesting elements that make the journey become thrilling and memorable for the children to experience.

After that, the children will visit the world’s third largest sphinx statue and 3,200-year-old pillars from the time of Pharaoh Mereneptahftime, the fourth king of the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. After finishing the exploration, you will enjoy a delicious meal here the next morning.

American Museum of Natural History, New York

This is an extremely famous museum and is considered the most famous sleeping museum in the country of flag flowers. The museum is for children from 6 to 16 years old. When coming to the museum, the children will have a memorable night. The journey of discovery in the American Museum of Natural History sleep will be felt in the most authentic way of human history …

When the children come here, they will have time to explore the dinosaurs, learn about the earliest ancestors of humankind or can see all the mysterious sea creatures with their own eyes. After finishing the exciting exploration, the children will be able to see the 3D movie “Earthflight”. And after watching good movies, they will fall asleep and sleep. The museum is also a place for adults to explore and experience this sleeping museum.

Field Sleep Museum, Chicago

Referring to the dinosaurs, the children will surely enjoy and want to discover dinosaur history immediately. And this will satisfy the curiosity of the children when they visit Field sleeping museum. When coming to the museum, they will participate in the program “Dozin with the Dinos” (roughly translated: Eyes closed to see dinosaurs).

Children aged 6 to 12 years old will experience the museum’s special program. But when you come here your parents will have to prepare sleeping bags, flashlights … the factors put together will awaken the sense of adventure of the chugs. The journey will take children to learn the great and terrible lizards by watching a 3D movie “Walking the T-Rex” and they will discover more than 30 million other treasures in the museum. like beetles, ancient Egyptian mummies, gems …

California Institute of Science, San Francisco

Come to the museum, the children will have the most environmentally friendly feel in the world. The museum has strange and unique structures, so it will attract all the eyes of everyone, especially the children will enjoy. On the outside of the museum is shaped like a giant green ice cream, on the algae is a green eco-friendly structure.

Upon admission to the Science Institute, the museum will host the “Penguins and Pajamas” activity, which is for visitors who want to experience the night life in the museum. This discovery and experience is for children from 5 to 17 years old (with someone daring to accompany them). This journey will help children learn more about natural history, miniature planetariums, a forest with free-flying birds, a coral reef with 4,000 species of fish or a marine aquarium. pumped in from the pacific ocean.

International Spy Museum, Washington

When the children come here to explore will see the huge collection of artifacts related to international espionage. The museum attracts many visitors who come here to visit and explore. When the children come here are “crazy” because one night here has satisfied curiosity, the detective in each child.

The International Spy Museum will organize the operation “Operation Secret Sleepover” (roughly translated: Operation secret sleep). This activity is very attractive for children from 9 to 13 years old. In the activity they will have the feeling like in a special, confidential spy training, where the children will have new identities, create and break the secret code. And for adults who want to join the discovery, they will receive their own secret missions – this mission brings joy to the whole family.

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