Discover a glacier hotel in Sweden


Sweden is a beautiful country surrounded by immense forests, emerging in the icy waters and bathing in the rays of winter. Speaking of which, you’re probably wondering where this is. It is a unique hotel floating on the Arctic Bath glacier, this is also the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Europe.

Sweden contains hidden beauty and many interesting things that make those who come here extremely excited. As one of the most attractive countries in Northern Europe. Coming to this beautiful country, visitors have many ways to enjoy the extremely beautiful places here, but an experience that visitors cannot miss when coming to Sweden is overnight at guests floating on the river. ice. This is considered an extremely interesting and unique experience in Sweden.

Artcic Bath Hotel is located in northern Lapland, Sweden. The hotel usually welcomes guests all year round. And each season here, visitors will experience different things. If summer, the hotel is surrounded by peaceful Lule River, then in winter, the river surface is frozen. And this is considered an ideal resort in the winter because visitors can both steam and watch the aurora borealis phenomenon.

The hotel consists of 6 rooms, each room usually has a bathroom and a sauna. The area of each room is 25m2. In addition, the hotel also serves the needs of travelers such as: spa, restaurant, bar …

In the center of the hotel is a huge bath with an open space design. The water in the tub is always maintained at 4 degrees C. This is a particularly interesting place for travelers who want to challenge their cold tolerance, courage.

The hotel is designed to give guests the perfect position to see the starry sky and famous aurora phenomena. However, because the hotel only has 6 rooms and each room can accommodate 12 people, so to experience this fun is not easy at all. Because it brings a bit of luck and you have to book a room for at least 6 months. So, if you are planning to travel to Sweden and want to experience this special feature, make a quick booking and experience before the summer comes.

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