Discover 7 “gems” of German tourism


Coming to Germany, we cannot help but mention the green forests, the fairy castles or the perfect taste of beer … and many other impressive destinations. Any visitor coming here will find what they want and unforgettable emotions when coming to this dreamy country. But there are 7 destinations that are considered gems, a symbol of Germany. So let’s learn about the 7 jewels of Germany and you will soon wonder why you haven’t visited Germany.

Here are the most beautiful destinations in Germany for travelers to explore.


Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in the world. This is the symbol of the Cold War. Not only that, Berlin is also a city full of traditional German culture and a cross between many unique cultures of other European countries. Therefore, Berlin became the great capital of Europe.

With the interference of many media cultures of other countries, the perfect blend of fashion, art, architecture and music has created a unique Berlin.

Tourists will be amazed when a city has 170 museums, concert halls, galleries and long-standing historical sites. These are all attractive destinations when you book on to this interesting city.


Here, visitors can relax by walking around the city in the autumn afternoons, visiting the fascinating and interesting destinations of the city or you can sip a cup of hot coffee and mingle. into soothing tunes, typical romantic atmosphere of the city.

To start your experience, you can visit the Brandenburger Tor city gate. This is a large sandstone gate built in 1791 and this is also intact product during the war and later. In addition to attractive destinations, you can go shopping at Kurfürstendamm – the city’s most famous avenue or take in the panoramic view of the city on the Berlin TV tower.


The city of Hamburg is a perfect blend of fascinating historical architecture with modern buildings or the most impressive feature of Hamburg city is the best nightlife in Europe.

The city lies on the Elbe River, Germany’s second largest metropolis. Coming to Hamburg, all tourists are attracted by lush parks, lakes with swans, ancient churches, museums and busy shopping streets.

Hamburg not only attracts visitors with its distinctive cultural features, but it also attracts visitors with great and upscale cuisines. High-class restaurants and restaurants are located along the river, visitors can both enjoy delicious food and watch the romantic river Elbe.


When you come to Hamburg, you should visit the future HanfenCity district – one of Europe’s most developed cities. HanfenCity District is located along the port of Hamburg combined with towering skyscrapers built in the shape of beautiful stylized ships.

Another place you can visit is the system of museums such as the art museum, the work museum, the Speicherstadt museum or the Hamburg History Museum. These are all great archives to help people understand and love Hamburg city before leaving the city.


Munich is Germany’s third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg, located next to the calm Isar river and majestic Alps. The charming natural landscape combined with a long list of architectural works and historical treasures have created a majestic and poetic Munich.

Munich inherits long-standing cultural heritage both ancient and modern architecture. The city does not have a skyscraper because according to the regulations, all architectural and construction works of the city must not be higher than 109m.

When you come to Munich, visit the new Town Hall (Neue Rathaus) – this is the place that attracts the most attention of tourists in this square. The 79m high tower, built in the Northern Gothic style around 1867-1909 by architect Georg Joseph Hauberrisser. Or maybe visit the Munich palace – this is where the former dukes, maids and kings of Bayern were and now is one of the largest art museums in Europe.

In addition, you can join the largest Oktoberfest beer festival in the world attracting millions of visitors to visit.

Munich is an ideal destination, a paradise for visitors to freely visit, eat, entertain and shop. With cool temperate weather, this is a suitable destination throughout the year. Visitors can watch the sunset in the summer, one of the most romantic and beautiful views of the city. If you travel to Germany in the winter please bring a warm coat, in the summer at night it rains slightly, bring an umbrella.


When coming to Germany, you cannot help but visit Cologne – an old and ancient city, the city has 2000 years of history. If you want to see the most ancient and impressive churches in the world, you must definitely visit this fascinating destination. With a thriving art scene, Cologne has become an exciting vacation destination in Europe.

With a long history when you come here to explore, you will find everything from Roman towers, Gothic churches to beautiful modern architectural models and many UNESCO-recognized architectural works such as: Kölner Dom, Hohenzollern Bridge is famous for its love padlock, Altstadt old town with buildings and historical sites as well as Agnesviertel’s fashion centers. As the fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne also has many museums such as the Museum of Applied Art, the Chocolate Museum and the Ludwig Museum.

If you travel in November, there will be great things for you when you come to Cologne, which is the Carnival Carnival. This is one of the biggest street festivals in Europe and the whole world.


Regensburg is one of the oldest towns in Germany. It is filled with the charm of the medieval period until the vibrant life that attracts millions of tourists to visit. The town of Regensburg is famous for the majestic Danube river that flows the center.

As an important commercial and cultural center, the town has many UNESCO-designated cultural heritages. Unique constructions such as: Regensburg-St. Peter’s, Stone Bridge and Museum, Schottenkirche- Scots Monastery …

The town of Regensburg was founded by the Romans in early 179 AD. Therefore, the town is one of the precious treasures for literary and historical lovers.

Not only attracts visitors with long-lasting architectural works, Regensburg also attracts visitors with Germany’s oldest bars and bars. Here, visitors can also enjoy beer and excellent specialties.

Mosel valley

Coming to Mosel valley, the most prominent point here is the beautiful terraced vineyards. The vineyards are like a painting, combined with the medieval villages or the fairy castles at the top of the hills. Coming here, visitors cannot help being surprised by the majestic scenery of Mosel.

Associated with the nine Mosel valley is the Rhine. The flowing life between Trier and Koblenz has created a poetic and lyrical setting. This is an indispensable destination in your journey to discover Germany.

When you come here, you can enjoy the famous wines and immerse yourself in German culture. In addition, coming to Mosel you can explore other tourist destinations such as the ancient castle of Cochem, the peaceful town of Traben-Trarback or the ancient Roman city.

To explore and feel all things in Mosel valley, you should go in late summer, early autumn. Because this is the start of wine festivals and parades, delicious food.


For Europeans, Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe. For Germans, Dresden is one of the ten most liveable cities in Germany. For enthusiasts of ancient architecture, Dresden is a destination not to be missed, because the city owns many ancient architectural buildings recognized as a World Cultural Heritage.

This place focuses on famous tourist attractions such as Notre Dame Frauenkirche, Residenzschloss castle, King Zwinger palace with Baroque architectural style …

The highlight of Dresden is that it is located in a beautiful position on the romantic Elbe River and what makes the city more special is that it is divided into two regions by the Elbe River, Altstadt and Neustadt. While Altstadt stands out with many old and ancient buildings, Neustadt is the complete opposite of skyscrapers, busy entertainment centers, youthful and colorful.

In addition, Dresden is also a rare city in Europe, but when arriving, without using the map, you can go and observe all the outstanding architectural highlights of the city. Because at night, all the old architecture in Dresden is illuminated, creating a shimmering image, showing the full beauty of Dresden’s magnificent beauty that rare ancient cities in Europe have.


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