7 specialties travelers should try when visiting Beijing


Beijing cuisine is famous for its variety and style. No other place in China has the culinary diversity that Beijing has. As the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing not only concentrates snacks throughout China, but also delicacies from other countries.


Referring to Beijing cuisine, people immediately think of Peking Duck. This dish is a famous specialty of Beijing and has been taken to many countries around the world. However, coming here, tourists can enjoy the roasted duck in the right position.
Gourmet people again named a dish by place name. Many people wonder that, such a simple dish, why is it honored the golden table of fine cuisine of this country. Please sir, delicious Beijing roast duck in shiny yellow-brown skin, delicious in soft, fragrant meat in rich sauce. Those who taste the authentic Beijing roast duck can forget the crispy taste of the skin and the natural sweet meat from vegetables. In particular, the marinated recipe is prepared by the chefs according to their own secret, with a special sauce-making technique, which makes visitors unable to help.

Roast duck dish originated from the Southern and Northern Dynasty. During the Yuan Dynasty, roasted duck was often served in the royal palace. During the Ming Dynasty, the roasted duck dish was fully developed and occupied an important position in the food. Certainly visitors will remember forever not forget!

Going to Beijing in the winter is definitely not to be missed. Copper, aluminum or earthenware pots will be placed in the middle of the table. The hotpot dip consists of lamb, beef, shrimp, fish, fresh vegetables, beans. The most popular hot pot in Beijing is lamb hotpot. Pieces of lamb are sliced ​​thinly and can be eaten immediately after dipping the hotpot. Beijing hot pot has a history of over 1,000 years in China. It was most popular during the Tang Dynasty. By the Qing Dynasty, this dish was widely spread throughout China. There are many types of sauces served with hotpot dips. The main ingredients of sauces include sesame oil, sauces sesame, soy sauce, coriander, rice wine, soy sauce, garlic, … A delicious sauce will make hotpot meals more interesting.

Specially prepared fresh noodles are one of the focal points of Chinese cuisine. Noodles can be watered or mixed with raw water, but Beijing’s most famous noodle dish is Zha Jiang Mia. Boiled and drained noodles, mixed with a sauce made of rich minced pork and herbs will give you a great experience!

Jian Bing is a traditional Chinese Crepe dish created by the Chinese two thousand years ago in Shandong Province. Legend has it that this dish raised the morale of an army during the Three Kingdoms period and saved many soldiers from an ambush.
Jian Bings is a very popular dish in Northern China and can be eaten throughout the day. Depending on one’s appetite, it can be consumed as a snack or even as a main.

This will be one of the most famous lamb dishes in China. Lamb is supposed to help us combat the cold. Hotpot is also a favorite food of foreigners and locals. People gathered around a small saucepan boiled over charcoal, adding a few pieces of mutton, vegetables with a particularly hot sauce to eat the fruit.

Mutton is sliced, dipped in bone broth, rolled with herbs and dipping sauce made from sesame oil, chives and other spices. This dish is usually eaten in the winter, but visitors can enjoy Mongolian Hot Pot in air-conditioned restaurants even in the middle of summer.

Beijing has plenty of light snacks to offer visitors. In China, snacks are referred to as “small dishes,” which are precisely convenient to carry around. A very common way, dinner in Beijing is that families go out in the evening to enjoy the cool night air and go for a walk. As they stroll down the side streets, stop by the salespeople and buy whatever they want. This is an elegant hobby enjoyed by many Chinese people. It is a great and recommended way to enjoy a Beijing culinary tour. Spend the evening chatting with friends, going for a walk and eating.

Amidst all the delicious Chinese typical dishes in Beijing, sometimes you’ll crave a cup of tea with a sweet cake. The delicious pastry shops in Beijing have spacious space, delicious food, and a view. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of Chinese, Korean, French styles … with hundreds of attractive flavors.


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