5 the most beautiful museums in Paris – 5 unmistakable shades


Coming to France, we not only see the beautiful ancient architecture, but we also feel the bustling life in the brilliant floral background.

Referring to France, everyone knows the “capital of light” – Paris. It is not only a modern city but also an ancient city with the most beautiful museums in the city.

Louvre museum

The Louvre Museum is located in Paris, built in 1190. In the 14th century, under Charles V, the Louvre became the royal palace and then expanded through the dynasties. During the French Revolution, this place became a national museum.

By the 19th century, all the old buildings were destroyed and replaced by newly built buildings and the splendid, magnificent and magnificent images you see today.

Louvre Museum contains a series of long stories about the history and art of France, especially this is the “residence” of the beautiful Mona Lisa with a mysterious smile. This is also a museum with a huge volume of works, which can make visitors “headache” and “dizzy” when visiting. The Louvre currently holds 35,000 masterpieces from prehistoric to contemporary works, dubbed the home of thousands of priceless masterpieces.

When coming to the Louvre, we cannot help but mention the special feature of the museum, which is the pyramid placed at the main entrance of the museum. This pyramid is built on 673 pieces of glass. Each of the glass panels is illuminated, visitors can clearly see the galleries below and each pyramid wing has its own door leading visitors to the exhibition space of the museum exhibition.

In addition, the museum is divided into three large blocks: Sully, Richelieu and Denon.

The Sully Building consists of two floors and this is the oldest one at the museum. In this block, there is a large display of famous artworks, sculptures or statues. One of the most famous statues we can mention is the Seated Scribe sculpture, Milo Venus, or Turkish Bath (painted in the 19th century) …

And the Richelieu and Denon buildings display famous works of art from the medieval period to the 19th century. When you visit the museum, you can not miss with classic works such as her paintings. The famous Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, precious statues, ceramics or giant stone steles depicting the ancient Babylonian law …

Pompidou art exhibition center

The Pompidou Center is a major art center in Paris and it is also considered an international art mecca. The Pompidou Art Exhibition Center displays many of Europe’s largest contemporary art products.

With an exoskeleton-style unique exterior architecture (design of biological robots) imbued with future colors. Not only the exterior is full of modern nature, the exhibition center is also marked by the classic buildings indispensable when coming to France. The center also attracts visitors with an extremely strange, unique silver tubular elevator and also a convenient means of transportation to help you get around the center.

The works on display in the Pompidou art exhibition center are modern collections including works from 1905 to 1965 by famous authors such as Picasso, Georges, Braak and even contemporary collections. This includes design, architecture, construction works from 1980 to the present.

Stepping into the Pompidou art exhibition center, you will feel like you are lost in another world. A world full of colors of art paintings.

Another special feature of Pompidou compared to other museums is that it is not closed on Mondays.

Catacombs of Paris

Coming to Paris catacombs, everyone must be amazed to see such a beautiful and unique museum. When you step into the museum, it will evoke visitors curious and want to explore immediately. Fans of Paris contain elements of “horror” and become an extremely interesting destination.

This catacombs have been around for a long time and were thoroughly utilized by the French to serve in World War II. The tunnel is over 300 km long. Catacombs like a giant maze located beneath the light capital Paris.

The tomb was built by the Jews in the late 18th century, this is the resting place of millions of Parisian remains. Initially, the remains were concentrated in one place and piled up in a pile. After a while, the amount of remains increased and people changed and arranged into walls running along the length of the tunnel.

Inside the dark galleries and narrow aisles of Paris catacombs, you will in turn admire the bones arranged in dense patchy walls look creepy. The cold feeling makes most visitors are deeply impressed, especially when staying in a crowded, dark, wet and mysterious space. Bones were placed everywhere, and everything was stacked on top of each other. These will make you feel “goosebumps” but still interesting and attractive to visitors.

One point to note when visiting this Paris catacombs, you must be very focused to avoid negligence, avoid getting lost from the delegation and can be dangerous to visit because the tomb structure is very complex, there are many entrances to the entrance.

Orsay Museum

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Paris. The museum is located on the banks of the Seine River in the center of Paris. Previously the museum was an old station built in 1900 and remodeled in 1986.

Possessing many famous works of art from 1848 to 1914 makes it one of the most important museums of Paris. Works such as paintings, sculptures and wooden boats by famous artists such as Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, …

The museum has a length of up to 188m, a width of 75m and brings in almost the special features of the old station architecture. The museum mostly exhibits artifacts, but this place also has spaces for restaurants, bookstores, and cafes in the top lobby.

The museum is designed three floors to display artifacts. The first floor has a large hall in the middle and rooms are on the sides. On the second floor, the corridor runs around on one side so you can look down the hall, on the other is the entrance to the galleries. On the top floor, the galleries along the Seine and the Légion d’Honneur street provide us with an incredible poetic landscape.

Picasso Museum

Those who love Picasso’s paintings can’t help but come to the Picasso Museum in Paris. This is the exhibition of the first works that are known to many people even lesser known works.

With a huge amount of Picasso works, you will be able to see and acquire a huge amount of knowledge.

It displays more than 3,000 of his works including paper works, wooden sculptures, ceramics, paintings, metal. Picasso’s works are considered to be the largest collection in the world.


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